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 "Caitlin Wilayto plays Roxie Hart as a complex and confused human being whose insecurities and personal dilemmas are both fodder for her future and retribution for her past. She is a delightful dancer and an equally delightful singer but it is her face and her hands that define the role here. Her hands are never idle and her facial expressions are not always in key with the words she speaks. She demands your attention in so many ways and in getting what she needs she finds what she wants. This is a performance I could watch over and over there is so much going on in it." - Berkshire Bright Focus

"Caitlin Wilayto is an extremely fine comedienne as the ditzy sister Dora. Dora is beyond quirky and closer to insane but Wilayto makes her lovable. Wilayto also has some terrific pointe work within one of the vaudeville numbers." - Theater Scene

"Caitlin Rebecca Wilayto convinced us all of the issues she faced as Dainty June, the performer, and then as the clear-eyed June." - Island Packet 

"Wilayto's Inga is a sex-doll with a brain, a heart and a habit of seduction that gets funnier with each attempt. Wilayto is marvelous in the role, never offensive or caricaturous." - Berkshire Bright Focus

"Caitlin Wilayto delivers a sparking portrayal of the amoral English nightclub singer, Sally Bowles, who believes politics has no bearing on her love life. Wilayto projects an aching loneliness and touching vunerability under her characters free-spirited veneer. Wilayto offers a sassy rendition of “Don’t Tell Mama” and belts out the title song with ease." –Wicked Local Cape Cod

"Caitlin Wilayto is gut-bustingly hilarious as Bobbi, a mentally unstable gal who smokes medicinal marijuana while randomly bursting into song. Wilayto portrays her offbeat character so well one cant tell if she’s truly crazy or crazy-smart." –The Barnstable Patriot

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